Rocks In The Attic #60: Super Furry Animals – ‘Mwng’ (2000)

Rocks In The Attic #60: Super Furry Animals - ‘Mwng’ (2000)I was so happy when I bought this album – on white vinyl – that I played songs from it when I was DJing that evening. Local boy done good and ex-Inspiral Carpet Clint Boon was doing a homecoming show at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in Oldham, and I was asked to DJ. Hardly anybody turned up but I do remember that I played a few songs off this album. I was even approached by one of members of the support bands playing that night (somebody fairly minor, but a known act all the same), when I was playing Ysbeidiau Heulog, and asked who this was.

Apparently this is the best-selling Welsh-language album of all time. I couldn’t care less that it’s sung in a different language. In fact, I think it gives it charm. I hardly listen to lyrics anyway, so it doesn’t mean a thing to me. The music and the melody is where I’m at.

Hit: Ysbeidiau Heulog

Hidden Gem: Ymaelodi Â’r Ymylon

6 thoughts on “Rocks In The Attic #60: Super Furry Animals – ‘Mwng’ (2000)

  1. Johnny Andrews

    Surely they must be quite lyrically deep? I get that impression – I just don't listen to them (the English ones obviously). I think that's why I've never been a huge fan of Bob Dylan. The lyrics go over my head so much of his early stuff to me is just G-chord, D-chord, G-chord, and so on.

  2. Matthew Gibson

    I never thought of them being all that deep, really. It's mostly just puns and randomly assorted snippets of pop culture. But if you don't listen to lyrics generally, that's weird!

  3. Johnny Andrews

    I admit it's weird, but I guess I pay so much attention to everything else, that there's no room left to pay attention to lyrics. Some of my favourite songs I couldn't sing all the way through. I guess with the Super Furrys, if I did pay attention to lyrics I'd probably switch off anyway as I'd expect them to be the ramblings of a bunch of stoners. I just can't be bothered with subtext. For me, Mr. Tambourine Man is a simple song, about a man who plays tambourines. I like it nice and simple like that.

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