Rocks In The Attic #55: Elastica – ‘Elastica’ (1995)

This is an odd little record. Fifteen songs breeze by in less than forty minutes. There’s one song over four minutes, a couple at the three minute mark, and then all the rest chalk up between one and two minutes. How punk is that?

I probably bought this album purely for Connection, and from the sticker inside the sleeve I seem to have bought it from the Vinyl Exchange on Oldham Street in Manchester for £12. Not bad considering that, as the Vinyl Exchange sticker proudly states, it’s in mint condition and comes with a free 12-page booklet and a flexi-disc.

The flexi-disc – a cover of Adam Ant’s Cleopatra is pretty good. Well, at least it doesn’t sound as bad as the flexi-discs you would get free in Look-In magazine in the 80s. There’s no surface noise and it plays just like a standard 7”.

This is a pretty good album – with plenty of catchy songs. At the end of the day though, you can never have enough albums with a photo of the band standing in front of a brick wall on the cover. It should be mandatory, for debut albums at least.

Hit: Connection

Hidden Gem: Waking Up

1 thought on “Rocks In The Attic #55: Elastica – ‘Elastica’ (1995)

  1. Matthew Gibson

    I think this has dated quite badly. I remember being so excited about it coming out, so excited about seeing them live, had to have every b-side and so on. But listening now, it has its moments but it's hard to see what the fuss was all about. Especially now that I've actually heard Wire….


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