Rocks In The Attic #17: Donna Summer – ‘Walk Away: The Best of 1977-1980’ (1980)

Donna Summer passed away the other day, largely unnoticed compared to some recent deaths in the music industry. It annoys me that somebody like Donna Summer is brushed over, while coke-head Whitney Houston is plastered all over the media when she dies .Well, I guess the media likes a tragedy, and Houston is definitely one of those.

I love I Feel Love. It would probably be one of my favourite songs to hear in a nightclub, and it wasn’t too often that I’d hear it either. It sounds futuristic – miles ahead of anything else that was coming out around that same time, and beat-mixed into something similar sounding from the late 1990s sounds awesome.

Hot Stuff I can take or leave – it’s a great song, but now seen as something of a novelty after appearing in the Job Centre scene in The Full Monty. As usual, there’s a cruel irony that the song is undoubtedly more famous because of its inclusion in that film, but also cursed forever as that song from that scene.

I’ve heard a lot of press coverage around her supposedly anti-gay comments made in the 1980s which distanced her from her gay fanbase. Elton John, King Of The Gays, was one of the first celebrities to come out and publicly mourn for her, and as there seems to be no hard proof of her alleged comments, I’m prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Hit: I Feel Love

Hidden Gem: Bad Girls


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