Rocks In The Attic #9: Supertramp – ‘…famous last words…’ (1982)

I don’t mind a bit of Supertramp. They always remind of me of Princess Diana for some reason – probably because Roger Hodgson played at that big musical event held in her honour. Apparently she was a big fan.

What I like about Supertramp is that although they’re ridiculously mainstream and pop-sounding, they’re also very downbeat and melancholic. Some of their biggest hits have a real bittersweet streak running straight through them, and I like that.

I don’t remember buying this so I think it might have been something I “borrowed” from my Dad’s collection when I started buying vinyl. It’s not their greatest record – probably viewed as a let-down, coming after Breakfast In America (1979, but It’s Raining Again is a decent song, and is really the only song that comes close to the heavy hitters on its predecessor.

Hit: It’s Raining Again

Hidden Gem: N/A


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