Rocks In The Attic #4: Ray Charles – ‘Live In Concert’ (1965)

I found this record very recently, and it looks like an original. I paid next to nothing for it too. It fits nicely in my collection next to my Dad’s original copy of Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music (1962).

You can sort of understand why liner notes on the back of LPs died out, but they instantly date a record to a simpler time when a journo’s write-up on the back of a record might be enough to entice a record store browser to make a purchase.

There’s not much else to say about this record except that it’s 37 minutes of Ray Charles singing and playing the piano, which means it’s 37 minutes of awesomeness. There’s something about Ray Charles that makes him effortless to listen to, and this live performance is a nice snapshot of a more sophisticated time when audiences would listen respectfully, and in awe.

Hit: What’d I Say

Hidden Gem: You Don’t Know Me



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